windows 7 Wireless laptop settings - I power up the machine I want wireless OFF and wired ON

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What do I need to adjust in order to have my laptop power up with the wireless networking OFF and the wired (i.e. ethernet RJ45) ON?
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What is the make and model of your laptop?
Network connections, right click, disable the wireless.
It does not hurt to leave them both on in most circumstances. Windows defaults to the faster interface.
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Since you haven't told us what kind of laptop it is, we can only guess.

On Dells you would press Fn+F2 to disable wireless, and use its QuickSet application to tell it to only control the wireless adapter, and to leave the bluetooth and/or 3G card enabled if you want. On most Dells you can also disable the wireless adapter's PCI-e slot in the BIOS, so it's always disabled whenever you boot it up.
Put your networkcable in the laptop it automaticly switches over, Lan has first priority.

Hp laptops have a lan/wan switch in their BIOS maby it's not enabled ?


Wow.  I had no idea this was a hardware dependent request.  That's why I didn't even think of mentioning my laptop.

HP G7-1316dx
Some WiFi adapters' drivers have an option to disable the card when an ethernet cable is detected, too.
Wireless Disabled on Cable Detect
That one happens to be Dell branded, but the driver from Broadcom is what made it possible.
It's a software thing ;) The software that controls your network adapter priority ;)

Can you maby post what kind of network adapter you have.

Your BIOS had a LAN\WLAN switch can't find pictures of it to show in which menu it is.

HP also got a software program called wireless assistant try to install it and see what settings are on.

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