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Blackberry administration service- cannot log on with AD besadmin credentials


I am unable to log into the Blackberry administration service on my BES Expres 5.0.3 box. I have a domain besadmin account, which allows the services to run and corporate Blackberries are working. I have seen solutions involving changing a SQL table for the System admin account. However, I do not appear to have a non active directory system administrator account for the Blackberry Administration Service. Is there a way to create one and then log in to the web console?
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1.  Start "BlackBerry Server Configuration" from Start > Programs > BlackBerry Enterprise Server

2. Select the "Administration Service - AD Settings" tab and then provide the credentials of besadmin domain account and press Apply.

You may need to start BlackBerry Administration Services.
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No, I tried this early on. Sorry I did not mention it.
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I've successfully reset a password for a BAS account by editing the table in SQL, but have never had success if a BAS account doesn't exist and are only using AD accounts.

Not much help, I know.  Good luck.
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How did you reset the BAS account password in the SQL table, since it is encrypted?
CD to the \BAS\bin folder.

Then run something like the following to generate the hashed password (substituting what you want your password to be for "password")
BasUtility "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_18" "C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BAS" hash password > c:\output.txt

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Unfortunately I don't have system admin account on the BAS. I was strictly using the domain besadmin account. Is there any way to generate a non AD admin user without actually logging on to the BAS?
Not that I'm aware of.  Seems like there should be but I haven't found it.
I had the exact same problem and it was a problem with the BES interface, I called Blackberry support and they resolved it. While I look through my notes did you use your Blackberry complimentary free support call, you can get it by clicking here. After you register you'll be given the option for a free support call.
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Thanks. I've had the BES 5 install running for a year. I used my support call in the first week because I was unable to attach to SQL (Which they did not solve, by the way.. I figured it out myself). I just applied Maintence release 21 to see if that would solve the BAS problem. It did not. Actually now I cannot load the Blackberry Administration page.

I'm going to play with this a little longer if there are any suggestions. But at this point I will probably get another free BES Express license, install on another box and HOPEFULLY the Transporter tool will be able to access the other database and bring the users over without too much hassle.
I can't locate my notes and they use to have it troubleshooting steps were sent in emails, anyway good luck sorry couldn't help you out.
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Glad you found a solution and thanks for posting it back!
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Found this query on line and it solves the issue