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Named Links

Hi guys
I am using classic ASP in my website
I have this asp webpage with one link (More,,,)  -see attachment-
I would like the user to click on More... and be taken to a section further down in the same webpage.
I tried using the the name attribute but could not get it working.
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The ID in this case does not have to be a number.  It could be any alpha-numeric.  Below is a sample that using asp-vb.  YOu can place the "ID" the link refers to on just about any element <div id="abc"><td id="abc"><span id="abc"><ul id="abc"><li id="abc">

dim ItemNo
' in your case, it would look more like
' ItemNo = rsItems.ID

<a href="#<%=ItemNo%>">More...</a>  

<table width="500" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
<%for x = 1 to 50%>
    <td id="<%=x%>"><%=x%></td>

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Named Links...

Your link for example
<a href="#morecontent">More</a>

Further down the page
<a name="morecontent">More Content Heading</A>
@GaryC123, I think the "a name" is going obsolete.   While it still works, it is probably better to not use it for anything new.
True, I'm not very upto date...
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