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Calculate TriangleWave


How to calculate a bipolar trianglewave and save the values in an array?

Is must be posible to change amplitude and freqency.
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A triangle wave is just a special linear type of a sinusoidal wave.

Here you get the function to calculate a bipolar triangular wave...
How Do I Plot a Triangular Sine Wave?

Principle of storing points in a dynamic array...
  TPointReal = record
     X: Real;
     Y: Real;

  TriangleWavePointArray = array of TPointReal;

  TriangleWavePoints: TriangleWavePointArray;

//initialze/clear array 

//for each coordinate pair to add
SetLength(TriangleWavePoints,High(TriangleWavePoints)+1);  //add a point

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Now all you have to do is calculate X and Y values by implementing the triangle wave formula from above link...
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I had try the above formula. And the problem is that if you change the freqency and amplitude then the height og the triangle Varies.
The amplitude IS the height on every graph I have seen.  I imagine that means you have some custom trait you want for your graph.  How would it show the amplitude without changing the height?  If you can explain this then we should be able to help you achieve the desired effect.
The problem is that if you use the following formula to draw a triangle wave (2/pi)*10*arcsin(sin(5x))   (amplitude: 10 - freqency: 5) you Will see that the amplitude varies over time. I need a triangle wave with a constant amplitude at all the time.
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Sorry for the waiting time I just want back from vacation.

developmentguru: U are right is was an illusion, the amplutide does not varying.