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What is the Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure?

Last Modified: 2012-10-28
What is the Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure?  Does it combine many PCs into a single virtual machine?

What are the uses for a personal (or small business) cloud?
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Hi Yes, I read this question but i guess cloud infrastructure can not be used to grid two PC's. Please correct me if i am wrong.

chkiran248 - you right no it can't be used for this if we are speak about psychical computers. But it could be used to make cluster between victuals devices (but this can be do also from psychical computer) so they can have some data clusters for load balancing.


if you want to make more PC to work as one so the power will count you are speaking about paraler computing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallel_computing.

It is about that every PC work on job and used network to deliver results and communicating what is doing where (the pc tells I work on this you work on this and result is in output together) It is like wolfram alpha computing (matlab is same used) or other things like this

this session is good to see about http://hak5.org/episodes/episode-409

or in matlab for easy to know http://www.mathworks.com/products/parallel-computing/


I read the jumpstart brochure but it never explains what a "cloud" is or what it is used for.

I did see "A seed Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure deployment on up to 20 x86 servers" at some point...but what does it mean?

Does it mean that up to 20 x86 servers all appear as a single server?  Are they complete replications of one another?  Does the RAM and CPU on all 20 machines act as one super machine?  Are there failover machines (does this cloud thing act like a cluster of machines)?

To me, "the cloud" simply means a bunch of machines behind a single point of access.  Beyond that, I am not sure what it is good for or how to use it.

Can I place virtual machines in my cloud?  Can I add commodity hardware to my cloud?  How do I add hard drive space, RAM or CPU to my cloud?  Is a cloud an alternative to clustering?


I think that "the cloud" is a very, very broad term that can mean any combination of hardware and/or software that is hosted in a different physical location (or in many different physical locations) that can be accessed through the internet.

A private cloud seems to be the same thing, only it is usually reached via a LAN or private WAN instead of the internet and is maintained by the same company (person or group) that uses it.

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