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Windows 7 Slow application laod

This issue has me completely stumped.  About 3 weeks ago a number of our computers on our network have started experiencing slow application loads.  

The problem we experience is applications will load very slowly on these computers and will actually hang for about 15 to 30 seconds.  The application will always eventually work.  It is like a process is hanging or busy.  If you launch other applications while one application hangs, that new application launch also hangs.  Example, launch Application A, then run a cmd.  The command prompt window will not appear until application A starts responding.  

I have disconnected one of the problem computers from the network and try to test.  The problem still exists but the hang/pause times are much less.

At first I thought we had a bad switch so we replaced our switch with a new switch.  No luck.  I have isolated the network down to only one of the problem computers and the issue still exists.

We have spent a week thinking it is a virus issue and have done ton's of scans, malware searches etc.  We cannot find anything that we can say we have a virus or some other type of infection.  It is possible we have one bad computer causing network issues, but not all the computer have this issue.  Half of the workstations all work fine.

Environment.  This is a windows environment running windows 7 on all workstations.  We have VMWare services running all on Ethernet cat 5. The new switch is a Netgear prosafe Gigabit smart switch model GS748T.

None of our servers exhibit the problem.

I would appreciate any thoughts on what direction to head in to help trouble shoot this issue.

Thank you
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Download process explorer from Microsoft.
Pull the machine off the network.
Run process explorer.
Launch apps to reproduce the issue.
Look for what is causing it to hang.
You should be able to narrow down the offending process or service.

Post your results if you need more advice.
Have you explored the Resource Monitor?
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Downloading process explorer now, I will report my findings.
I have downloaded process explorer and launch a problem app.  How can I setup a trap or filter to find the problem?

The application hangs, but I do not see any new process launch in between the CMD and CMD launch?

Any suggestions how to use the tool to help identify the problem.

Thank you
I see this process:



I cannot tell if this is normal or not.  The web says this may be part of Microsoft OS?

Disregard, previous post, that is the process monitor. Sorry.
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I would also run diagnostics on the memory and the harddrives of the problem workstations. Just in case it may be a hardware issue. Failing drives can often exihibit the systems you are experiencing.
We have checked the hardware.  I did not do this sooner as I have more than one computer having the same issue.  I started the backup yesterday and will wipe the system now.