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SQL QUESTION (SQL SERVER) : nb of occurences in a list


I have a table of personns (personnID, name) and a tables of commands (CommandRef, PersonnID), several commands being associated with one personn thru the PersonnID column.

So to see my commands and personns, I do :

select name, commandRef from personns left join commands on personns.personnID = commands.PersonnID

So I get something like :

Smith Ref-1
Smith Ref-2
Smith Ref-3
Taylor Ref-4
Johns Ref-5

I need to have the information that a name as several commands, so I need the listing to have a third column like :

Smith Ref-1 3
Smith Ref-2 3
Smith Ref-3 3
Taylor Ref-4 1
Johns Ref-5 1

Is there a "direct" way (without using a UDF function that counts because of performance problem) to get this third column in SQL ?

Any help greatly appreciated
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Thank you, this is perfect :)