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Fine Tuning after successfully building an SBS 2008 server

I have an SBS 2003 server that failed exchange and could not properly be repaired. So at this point we thought it was a good time to move to the SBS 2008 platform. I did not want to perform a migration but rather perform a brand-new install using a different server name the same domain name

We have only 12 users. The install was successful.
-      I confirmed that all the server firmware Microsoft service packs and updates are up to date. The SBS 2008 server is on service pack two. The exchange 2007 version says version “08.01.0340.000”
-       All 12 users are up and running and receiving and sending e-mail
-      I'm just not the point to fine tune and make sure that the server runs efficiently.

-      Are there major differences between the full-blown exchange server 2007 and the exchange server within SBS 2008?
-      when I tried to find information about exchange 2007. It appears to be a little different than exchange 2007 inside SBS 2008. Such as service packs. I assume updating SBS 2008 with latest service packs and post service pack updates, it updates the entire server and all its components.
-      I received my first e-mail error received by one of the users on this SBS 2008 server. He received an undeliverable stating message size “31170926 exceeds size limit 10485760 of server”. I assume this number is in kilobytes or bytes which makes us 31 MB or 3.1 MB. the default size in exchange 2007 is 10 MB. The directions I found are different for making the change in SBS 2008. I need to know how to check the default size and how to change
-      all the users connecting to the SBS 2008 server have Windows 7 professional laptops. Is there a good article showing how to set up a VPN using Windows 7 professional built-in VPN connecting to the SBS 2008 servers built-in VPN. The previous SBS 2003 server was configured this way but I was not involved

Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy

8/22/2022 - Mon

Your user has fallen foul of the 10MB default size limit you mentioned; the numbers quoted are kilobytes. I would suggest that the 30MB email he's trying to send may not arrive even if you increase his limit, as every server between him and the recipient would have to allow 30MB emails through, which is unlikely.

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Abbas Haidar

there are some limitations on the sbs exchange like sending from multiple domains: the sbs one does NOT create a secondary domain that they can send from in Outlook.  You will need to create a dummy POP3 account for end user to be able to switch between the two.

for the updates sbs will installed all required updates, It is always recomended you use the sbs concole to do all different kind of management including which updates you want to push and on which machines.

just use the network and sharing center to setup VPN for end users.
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Andreas Gieryic

TechSoEasy: I agree that the VPN question is a separate question.

The users need the VPN so thay can use their Outlook to share calendars. I undersatnd that I could configure the Outlook on their desktop to use POP and SMTP and that way not need VPN. they also have two "stock market" related apps that requires a connection to the server.

Users also need access to datafiles on the sahred folders on the server

I'm not sure I undersatnd your last post that Users can still access their data on the server without VPN.
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Walt Forbes
Andreas Gieryic

The server queries the server and workstations for updates. However, I dont see how to dertermine if the SBS 2008 server Exchange 2007 requires additional updates. Other then the "Help About" version, how do i update the Exchange or determine if it needs to be updates? If it doesnt show in update under the "Security" tab, should I be concerned?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy

I undersatnd that I could configure the Outlook on their desktop to use POP and SMTP and that way not need VPN.

I think you misunderstand how Outlook works when not connected directly to the LAN.  POP and SMTP have nothing to do with this.  For Outlook to work off-site you just need to configure the autodiscover service.  An overview of this is here:


For access to any files stored on the server, my answer above was referring to a feature of SBS 2011, so I apologize for that.  However, you could still provide access to company shared files through OWA's Direct File Access feature.

But, if they do have an app on their laptops which does require a VPN connection to the server, then just follow this documentation:

The reason I am reluctant to using VPNs is that they essentially open your network to unnecessary security risks.  They should only be used if you can actively monitor and manage the VPN activity.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy

Regarding updates:

Generally, all updates will automatically come into the Management Console's WSUS feature.  There are sometimes issues that you should be aware of, and the best way to keep up with those is to subscribe to the Official SBS Blog

(or go to http://blogs.technet.com/b/sbs and use the Subscribe with Email Address option at the bottom of the page))

For instance, there is an issue with Exchange 2007 SP2 that was notified by this blog:

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Andreas Gieryic

TechSoEasy: Great information. Its obvious that I have alot more to learn about SBS 2008. I did purchase a great book mentioned in another related Post that you commented in. Thanks again. I'll be reviewing this information

When I built the SBS 2008 server 2 weeks ago, I thought I covered all the updates. However the console shows so much - mostly for the attached Windows 7 workstations. Right now, I'm more concerned about the server - especially the Exchange 2007 updates. I'm nervous about installing the SP3. I'll download it and review comments online before installing. Just curiuos about your opinion with SP3
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy

For Exchange Server 2007 SP3 there are a couple of things that may occur if the server wasn't set up correctly.  Refer to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/982423 for details.

FYI, the issue that occurred with Exchange SP2 (needing to use an installation tool) is not required for SP3.