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excel formula with conditions

Last Modified: 2012-05-29
I'm working on an excel spread sheet with three columns. Both column A and column B contain some data. Column C is empty. I need to populate column C based on the content of columns A and B. Specifically:

If  the string 'ABC' exits s anywhere in  the contents of cell A1, then I need the content of cell C1 to be whatever the content of B1 is but pre-fixed with 'UK-'.  If 'ABC' does not exist in A1, then C1 should remain blank.

For example if the content of A1 is 'test-ABC' and the content of  B1 is 'cat' then C1 should become 'UK-cat'.

What is the formula that will allow me to do this please?
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Your formula which you can copy without changing it into all cells in column C is:


Additionally I have attached a spreadsheet showing it....
ha ha ... I was 27 seconds too late ... shouldnt have attached the spreadsheet .... :-))))
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