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Sub net Mask set

Does the the 2nd Networking card that services VPN use the same Sub Mask set as the primary card that services the Network . If not how down does the Network know which card is used by the Network ? I Have the Card I am using for the VPN setup with the same IP set , and gateway. The on services Network has with a 255.255.255 .0 and no Gateway setup .I have the one setup for VPN setup 192.168.2, 175 should the submask be set to, and the gateway set to ?
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This will not work, a VPN network is a different subnet that the main subnet on your network

LAN subnet for your clients - - 254(with 2.1 being your router address)
VPN subnet - - 254 - this will provide 254 IP's for the VPN clients connecting

So the subnet address in both cases is this doesn't always have to match)

You can't use IP's on the same subnet if you are trying to setup a VPN, have you 2 network cards in the server? If so you will assign each network card an IP like above, or using your example

LAN card -
VPN card - - this can't be in the same 192.168.2 subnet since it will not work
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My bad, don't know what I was thinking when I posted that! Well spotted @pwindell

Point I was making was the VPN needed to be seperate subnet from LAN subnet...