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How do I get Iphone Photos to My PC?

Prob a simple question but just having no luck with this.

I have a iPhone 4S.  What I want to do is take a picture on the iPhone, then see it as a file on my PC.  I thought this was possible with iCloud.

I downloaded iCloud onto my PC, and when I look in the Pictures Folder on my PC, I now see a folder called Photo Stream.  However, there are no pictures in the folder.

I have about 50 photos I have taken on the iPhone, but they do not show up on my PC.  I have not taken any new photos since I setup iCloud on the PC, but I thought the pictures I already took on the iPhone to date would transfer over.

Just at a lost.  Thanks!
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Plugin your iPhone to your PC.
Open “My Computer” or "Computer"
Find your iPhone, it will appear as any other camera would (as an Icon in My Computer)
Open iPhone to find your Photos
Select the pictures you want to copy to your computer and copy/paste them into the desired location on your PC
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Is it possible to have this happen through iCloud or something automatically?  I though there was.

Ie, I am out tonight.  I take a picture of a dog.  When I get home, that picture is also on my PC?
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You can sync/upload photo to Google Picasa or any similar web based service and then you can access and view from anywhere, anytime on any device.
Again, is there a way to do this through ICloud?  I have this Photostream folder now in my Pictures folder on my PC, and I thought this is where the iPhone photos I have taken would show up??  

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Photo Stream works automatically, no need for third party software or workarounds. Make sure Photo Stream is on on your iPhone. Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream. Make sure Photo Stream is checked in your iCloud settings.
It may take a few minutes for the photos to show up.
You should also be able to use iTunes