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Domain Migration Issues

Hi Experts,

I have done a domain migration from windows 2003 to win 2008 R2 (transferred all the roles ), after two day when I tried to shut down the 2003 server (current ADC) the main DC Server 2008's Active directory and DNS crashes also at that time my users will not be able to access the internet (connection status: connected, then I had to give static ISP DNS ). I also got an error message the pdc is not responding.
  Again I had to switch on the 2003 server and restated 2008 server my PDC then only it worked.
But my netdome fsmo query shows the new server 2008. also dns is resolving.

I did dcdiag

Kindly advice

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You configured DNS forwarders on your new DC?
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This SBS or standard server?  On our SBS migration, I had to run DCPROMO and remove the old 2003 DC before the new one actually took over.  

Also, are you sure all 4 FSMO roles have been transferred?
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I opened DNS of the new server right clicked in the forwarders tap I tried to add the IP of the new DC it is not accepting showing invalid. But it has the IP address of the old Dc ie current ADC. also ISP dns

Ideally your new 2K8R2 DC should be using itself for DNS lookups, is that the case or is it pointing to your old 2K3 server?
Also there should be some type of error in the event log when that type of failure occurred
hi jleyse,

It is 2003 std and not sbs....

yea  all the roles have been transferred.

Do you have DHCP correctly configured on the 2008 machine?  Does it show any leases?
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I can't help you much with the DHCP / NPS setup, but that is most likely the problem.  If your DHCP service isn't working properly, your clients are probably still pulling from the old server, which is probably still setup to use itself as the DNS.  That's why your clients freak out when the old 2003 server isn't online.  

Get the 2008 DHCP service running and that will probably fix your problems.  Sorry I can't help any more.
I was able to isolate the error to DHCP and was able ti identify the correct issue