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word 2010 - Cant print preview past a certain page!

I have six pages but print preview won't let me get past page 2.
See graphic
It's a document with a few tables in it.  No graphics.User generated image
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Perhaps the document is corrupt. Try copying the open document Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, and pasting to a new blank document.
If GrahamSkan's steps don't work, try this variation on his steps:
Turn on your non-printing characters by clicking the paragraph or pi symbol on the home ribbon tab
Select everything in the document except the last paragraph mark
Create a blank document
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New development.  I can't preview past page 2. Right?  Well, the first page of my table appears on page 2.   I turned off Repeat header rows and now I am able to preview all pages in my document.  ALSO, I moved my table to another page and the problem still exists.   I turn  Repeat header rows back on and I can't preview past the first page of my table, now on page 3.  
So, this is a bug in MS Word 2010.  There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to preview tables with repeating headers.
You might be right, but I would be surprised if it were a new bug. Tables, repeat headers and print preview have been around a while, and it is unlikely that they have been modified.

However, in a simple test document, it works OK in my 2007 system.

You might like to see if this document shows the same problem on yours.
Thank you for responding and sending the file.
I have reproduced the error of not being able to preview all the pages in the document.

It involves creating a vertical merge of the first column (see my modification of your original document).

I have also appended regular text at the end of the document. to see if this makes any difference.
Preview words OK with your document in 2007.

I have now looked up how to Print Preview in Word 2010, and it does seem to be very different from 2007, so it is possible that the redesign has introduced a bug.
here's what i did.
I merged the first column and then added another row on top.
No problem  Print preview worked.
Then.  (i'm using 2010 BTW).  When I hit Save, I got the message
User generated image
You told me that you're using 2007.  I assumed that the file formats 2007 and 2010 were identical.  Apparently not.  If I received the above message, it certainly validates the fact that the two file formats are not identical.  Did Microsoft lie?
So, guess what!  When I saved the file (now 2010 format).  I got the same problem.  Could not preview pages after the first table page.  I have attached the now 2010 format document.
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