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HTML button with URL-action doesn't work...

Hi there.

I have a little problem... I use some html-buttons on my page, and that works just fine, but when I need a special link, that refers to a certain record from a recordset, it doesn't work. Here's an example:

<FORM METHOD="LINK" ACTION="dataview.asp?id=<%=(Recordset1.Fields.Item("record_id").Value)%>"><INPUT TYPE="submit" class="styleyellowbutton" VALUE="Existing record"></FORM>

The button just leads to "dataview.asp". How can I make it work with the full URL?

Best regards

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Rather than LINK

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Hello again.

G_H: Nope.... that didn't change anything.

sammeSeltzer: Yes. That made the change. :-)  In fact, that code is far more simple than the one I used. Thank you! Can you tell me, if the code I used so far has any advantage compared to yours?

Best regards

Thank you again. I hope you will answer my small extra-question. :o)
Yours "appears" to be using form method to pass to the next page. I am sure that's why G_H made his recommendation to use the get method.

Mine using querystring to post.

It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

otherwise, no difference at all.
Oky doky. Thank you! :-)