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Windows 2000 with Citrix MetaFrame XP upgraded to 2003--no autocreated printers

We upgraded our Windows 2000 server with Citrix MetaFrame XP to Windows 2003.  Everything works well, except for printers no longer create for users.

Our domain controller is Windows 2000 server.

I've already checked, and the Windows 2003 drivers are already in place.  I'm at a loss as to where to begin troubleshooting.

Any help much appreciated!
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Carl Webster
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Consultant performed in-place upgrade from 2000 to 2003.
In-place upgrades of the OS are not supported by Citrix so there is no telling what is broken.
Let's pretend it wasn't an in-place upgrade?  Being a Citrix newbie, where would I begin to look for troubleshooting

If I use remote desktop to connect to the terminal server, I see my local machine printers.

Start there but remember two things:

MetaFrame XP has not been supported for several years
You are running an unsupported upgrade path

Rule of thumb is NEVER do an in place upgrade (of Citrix or OS) on a Citrix server.  NEVER.  Period.
Because CarlWebster was the only knight in shining armor to answer my distress call, he gets points just for chivalry alone.

Our problem turned out to be that we had to reinstall printer drivers on the server to match the operating system of the various machines (with local printers) who were making the RDP connection.  Network printers from those other remote locations mapped/redirected with no problem.
Awarding points because Carl was kind enough to at least answer my call for help.  The answer I needed wasn't provided, but I appreciate that he at least responded.