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(Novice) Looking for AGP Video card for old computer

(Disclaimer, I am an utter novice about graphics cards)

I have a dusty old gateway 600S computer lying around and would like to use it for Netflix. It meets the minimums for cpu and RAM. But the on board graphics controller it came with does not seem up to the task Intel 828456/GL. So I was thinking about replacing it... assuming it's possible and isn't too expensive.

Here are the motherboard specs with say it is "is keyed for 1.5V and 0.8V AGP cards only, and only supports AGP Graphics cards at 4X and 8X speeds.". So here are my questions (Disclaimer: I'm a total novice about graphics cards. So please take that into account :-)

1) Are there any current graphics cards that might be compatible? Or is it just too old?

2) If so, which ones? Also any recommendations and/or things to look out for when choosing a card?
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You might pick ome up on Ebay - but you'd better putting the cash towards a new(er) PC.
That's AGP 2 or AGP 3 you are talking with those voltages.


Cards are still available.  See for example.


If I've identified your Gateway model correctly, this is a laptop.  Can you confirm?  If it is a laptop then you won't be upgrading the graphics.
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Thanks for the responses.

It's an old desktop (not laptop fortunately :)

@dbrunton - Any possibility it could be AGP 1? (I don't know)

Also, how did you tell those cards are compatible? Is it AGP version only, the 4x/8X part, or something else.  Also what about PSU? Is that a factor as well?
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@dbrunton - Doh! Sorry never mind about the AGP 1 question...the link you posted answers that.

@KCTS - You may well be right, but I still want to investigate the options first :)
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Thanks, you've been a great help.