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HP EVA 3000 SAN issues

We have a HP EVA 3000 in MIMO (Multipath I/O) mode as per attached PDF. MSA-SAN.pdf
Initially we could fully configure the MSA but none of the LUN's would present to servers. The servers could see the SAN and we could use EVA CommandViewer to configure it. However after a multitude of checking and re-checking cables and Unitializing the SAN now it comes up just scanning for disks.

A & B channels have copper interconnects instead of Fiber connections. There is no SAN Loop switch in this configuration.
It is a 2nd hand SAN and was running version 3.x when we got it. We upgraded to 4.1 to try to assist with using it in MIMO mode.
Although the attached diagram is rough there are 2 uplinks in redundancy to the SAN FC Switches.
Another SAN exists on the SAN FC switch (EVA5000(HSV110)) and has no issues. Where possible we have tried to replicate settings (to show LUNs, etc) but with no luck. We have had Zoning on and off to try to rectify the faults.

Any ideas on what we can do or try? If it comes down to it I'm happy to break the SAN into 2x 2 disk banks and use individually.
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>Initially we could fully configure the [EVA] but none of the LUN's would present to servers.

That's normally a sign of dead batteries which would be on par with the age of it, can you take a look at the LEDs on the battery packs. There's an alert in the first screenshot, need to know what that is.
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Yep - dead battery packs. Do these have to be active to actually work or is there a way to turn off the BBWC as the batteries are quite dare...
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Damn, checked one battery & it's connections show 2.1V easily. Looking at HP's postings once the battery as marked as faulty (even if it's not) it's stuffed.

Any ideas on ways to connect in a DAS style?

I could re-use the SFP FC connectors in the EVA's and move them into the Disk Trays as required. Each server has a QLogic 2xxx FC controller, can I connect them on A/B channel in a stack or individually?

i.e. (Red is Fiber, Black is copper Interlink).
I have mine with just the A channel connected to the FC HBA, I think it would work with the B channel connected as well as long as you have a multipath driver to stop it showing the disks twice. It may be possible to daisy-chain them but I've got two enclosures on a single port HBA by using a backend loop switch from a bigger EVA, can't experiment any more this week as I'm on holiday. I've only checked so far that the HBA sees the disks OK since my Windows CD is damaged so no OS to play with.
Have configured as follows. So far so good.


Master server using this will be OpenFiler. If I could config this as Multipath it'd be nicer but isn't critical.
Both servers in the diagram will see all the disks, you have to use cluster filesystem with two servers connected to one set of disks or they will overwrite each other's data.
Thanks, was aware of that. There will only be 1 server in the end. The Windows (dl360) was to test with and is now offline.