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AIX 5.1 - how can I tell WHAT is maxxing out the disk?

Usually I know a couple things to look for and I know what is maxing out the disk when it happens.  But now it is getting maxed out and I'm not sure why.

Is there a way I can see what processes are using the most diskIO?
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By "maxing out my disk" I presume you mean disk I/O utilization, and not storage....

The iostat utility should be able to give you what you need -- in particular, how much I/O wait time is being attributed to a disk device... from there, you should be able to track it to a running process.

NOTE: In my experience, sudden disk slowdowns are usually caused by failing drive hardware... the delays are because the default FS behavior is to retry the failing read/writes, causing a block.

Here's the link to the iostat command for AIX... its not a unique command, nor is it old or new... it's pretty much "standard *nix"

Good Luck!

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