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saving an SQL image field as a bitmap in vb.net

I have an image field in an sql database, and i need to get this out and write it into a bitmap file. Can anyone help? I am using vb.net.

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Bob Learned

8/22/2022 - Mon
Bob Learned

As much as I don't like to just post a link to an article, I think this one is self-explanatory:

Working with SQL Server BLOB Data in .NET

Private Shared Sub StoreFile(filename As String)
	Dim connection As New SqlConnection("Server=(local) ; Initial Catalog = FileStore ; Integrated Security = SSPI")

	Dim command As New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO MyFiles VALUES (@Filename, @Data)", connection)

	command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Filename", Path.GetFileName(filename))
	command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Data", File.ReadAllBytes(filename))



End Sub

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Private Shared Function RetrieveFile(filename As String) As Byte()
	Dim connection As New SqlConnection("Server=(local) ; Initial Catalog = FileStore ; Integrated Security = SSPI")

	Dim command As New SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM MyFiles WHERE Filename=@Filename", connection)

	command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Filename", filename)


	Dim reader As SqlDataReader = command.ExecuteReader(System.Data.CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess)


	Dim memory As New MemoryStream()

	Dim startIndex As Long = 0
	Const  ChunkSize As Integer = 256
	While True
		Dim buffer As Byte() = New Byte(ChunkSize - 1) {}

		Dim retrievedBytes As Long = reader.GetBytes(1, startIndex, buffer, 0, ChunkSize)

		memory.Write(buffer, 0, CInt(retrievedBytes))

		startIndex += retrievedBytes

		If retrievedBytes <> ChunkSize Then
			Exit While
		End If
	End While


	Dim data As Byte() = memory.ToArray()


	Return data
End Function

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thanks, but how do i actually write the data to a bitmap file on the local machine?
Bob Learned

Instead of returning a byte array, use the MemoryStream from the RetrieveFile example, and generate an Image from it.



Public Sub Byte2Image(ByRef NewImage As Image, ByVal ByteArr() As Byte)
    Dim ImageStream As MemoryStream
      If ByteArr.GetUpperBound(0) > 0 Then
        ImageStream = New MemoryStream(ByteArr)
        NewImage = Image.FromStream(ImageStream)
        NewImage = Nothing
      End If
    Catch ex As Exception
      NewImage = Nothing
    End Try
  End Sub

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William Peck

i keep getting the error 'parameter is not valid', ive tried a few different methods and its always the same. any ideas?
Bob Learned

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