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Mapped Network Drive in sbs2011

Hi all
I am hooping someone can hel me out where , i have just built a sbs 2011 server for a small company and i was setting up and mapped drives with a batch file,  i was wondering if there was a better way these day with Group Polices

the setup i have here is a personal folder for each user and 2 folders that they all share
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A better way of rolling out network drives is by implementing Drive Map Preference via a GPO.
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cool mate how do i do that i am still very old school with this as i said i still use the batch file
Attached is a screen cap from my lab.
ok cool so how do i set it up per user and how do i do that :)
Click the common tab -> Item-level targeting -> Targeting... -> New Item -> User
mate sorry can u please drop it back one level as you have lot me already as i have never used this area before
so do you have to make a rule for each user i am very lost sorry mate do you have MSN might be easier if you dont mind helping me out
No, you can use security groups if you prefer. I am actually headed home in a few minutes but don't mind helping you out again tomorrow if another person doesn't provide you a resolution.
do you have a link i might be able to go to ?? you have been great so far
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Group Policy Preferences are really awesome -- but you need to be aware that if you still have XP machines on your network you will need to update them with the Client Side Extensions:

 Then this is a great overview of how to configure them:

Though most of it has been covered, a while back I bloged about all the drive mapping options available with SBS 2011 from batch files to Group Policy preferences if looking for a single source:
Nice article Rob! (Except for the fact that its all in Canadian).  ;-)
...and unfortunately Google doesn't even offer translation from Canadian to English, Eh!  :-)
Thanks Jeff
sorry all i just got to the office so i havent had a chance to loo kat this stuff yet but i will get let you all know thanks so much
all i have been trying all morning but i cant eem to get it working i have also tried to use the ip address and same isses, mid you i have been testing with a 2003 server is there  way to test on my system without having to restart all the time
What do you mean you're testing with a 2003 server?  Group Policy Preferences are only on Windows Server 2008.

BTW, for the user's personal folder I really try to stay away from mapping a drive letter.  Instead get them to start using My Documents and just have that be redirected to the server.  You configure folder redirection in the SBS Management Console.  
(it was the same in SBS 2008)

You don't have to reboot to test, just run gpupdate /force at an elevated command prompt and log off and back on.


Mate sorry i mean i am logging out of my 2003 sever back back into see if the drive appear i have also done the gp refreash on the win 7 system and no drive appear apart from the one i did in hte user profiles not in the GP i am using sbs 2011 i am not sure where i am going wrong
What OU are you attaching the GPO to?  Or are you doing it at the domain level?

The Server 2003 won't work unless you install the client side extensions.

thanks jeff
i am trying to do it Domain level , sorry for the dumb question what is OU
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy
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Thanks mte will let you know how i go