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Shared Calendars in Outlook 2010


I have a request to create a shared calendar in outlook. This calendar should not be tied to any one user, but I would like to allow a specific user to manage access to this one calendar (e.g. granting read only access to a new user). Also, I do not want this calendar to show up in the rooms selection in outlook, as it is not for resource/booking purposes. Is there a way to do this? Let me know if more information is required.

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That's correct, we have a Public Folder Calendar that is shared for all users. You can then setup a specific user to the be the owner.
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The calendar will only be used by about 4 people though, is it still practical to create a public folder for that?
Yes, it's either that or create a separate mailbox that the users have access to. The Public folder route is the easiest option.
I am familiar with creating a separate mailbox, but haven't quite figured out how to make another user an owner of it, so they can add and share it to those who need access, rather and requesting us to do so.
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What is the difference between adding them as a delegate with full rights and adding them to the Calendar Permissions with Owner access?
The difference is that Outlook/Excahnge applies the permissions automatically
Rather than having to use specific permissions in the calendar wich may conflict with other unknown AD/Excahnge Permissions
Hm, I will try that. Whenever I use the calendar permissions tab 75% of the time the user will get 'Cannot open this folder'. Needless to say I have ran into a lot of issues with shared calendars...
Yeah, thats why i try to steer clear of setting individual folder permissions
Delegate access is by far the better way to go
Decided to go down the Delegate Access route as opposed to Public Folders, which we are trying to deprecate. Everything worked out smooth using this method instead of calendar permissions. Thanks Apache.
Good Deal
glad to help