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match , notmatch operators and filtering

davesnb asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-31
I have a line of code below using the Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement snapin that will successfully find the users who are Domain Admins in the "testglobal" group . However, if I replace the -match with -notmatch it will display all users including the Domain Admins. I always thought conditional not operators are a true negative form. Is this not the case? Wondering if this is a bug or  because memberof is of type noteproperty perhaps I have to expand the list for the -notmatch?

Get-QADUser -memberof clientairglobal |where {($_.memberof -match "DomainAdmins")} | select name,memberof

Example output of -match

Name     : Joe Smith
MemberOf : {CN=clientairGlobal,OU=clientair,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corporatedom,DC=ca, CN=CorporatedomGlobal,OU=Corporatedom,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corporatedom,
           DC=ca, CN=Domain Admins,CN=Users,DC=Corporatedom,DC=ca}

Example output of -notmatch :

Name     : testBPS
MemberOf : {CN=clientairGlobal,OU=clientair,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corpratedom,DC=ca}

Name     : cayekap2
MemberOf : {CN=clientairGlobal,OU=clientair,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corpratedom,DC=ca}

Name     : cacsamgmt
MemberOf : {CN=clientairGlobal,OU=clientair,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corpratedom,DC=ca}

Name     : caywgbag
MemberOf : {CN=clientairGlobal,OU=clientair,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corpratedom,DC=ca}

Name     : caythacc8
MemberOf : {CN=clientairGlobal,OU=clientair,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corpratedom,DC=ca}

Name     : Joe Smith
MemberOf : {CN=clientairGlobal,OU=clientair,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corpratedom,DC=ca, CN=CorpratedomGlobal,OU=Corpratedom,OU=ClientAccts,DC=Corpratedom,
           DC=ca, CN=Domain Admins,CN=Users,DC=Corpratedom,DC=ca}
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Gary DewrellSenior Network Administrator

Davesnb it works for me. I did have to ad a space in "Domain Admins"


There is a space ,sorry, the post should read :

Get-QADUser -memberof clientairglobal |where {($_.memberof -match "Domain Admins")} | select name,memberof

output results are same, problem still exists
Senior Network Administrator
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So that worked using the parameter, but wondering if this is a bug or I am misinterpreting the context of -notmatch.
Gary DewrellSenior Network Administrator

Can't say for sure but my theory is that it is evaluating it on a group by group. So -nomatch is true for some of them.  Total guess though. Fortunatley Quest does a great job on thier tools.

I did add it to my list of questions to ask Microsoft at TechEd this year. :)
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