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http page DNS redirection

Hello Experts,

Is there a way to redirect http requests made to a computer on a windows domain?

For example, if there is a small intranet site running on a web server running on a computer but you wanted to make a specific page on that site redirect to a page on a different computer, can this be achieved with the likes of DNS? If not DNS, are there other tools that can do this?

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Right click the page in the IIS console and chose "A redirection to a URL" radio button from the Virtual Directory tab.
See attached.User generated image
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Thanks but the webserver is not IIS. It's an application that has it's own webserver.

If I installed the IIS service, do you still think your solution would work?
It will. Have a look though in the interface of the Web server you have for something like this.
It doesn't. it's an application that listens on a port for requests and returns web pages generated by it's engine. it's completely non-configurable.

If IIS can capture the user request before it get's to the application, this will be ideal. There is a page we cannot segregate out of the permissions it offers.

I will get started on IIS Install. Thanks
Kindly check solution as accepted.
I will when I see it working :)
You can return something like this instead of using dns redirection with some kind of cji script (script that is executed on the server, or the server has such feature)
3xx Redirection
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