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SSRS Pages not matching print outs. for example - A SSRS report showing 7 pages and when I take a print out, there are 9 pages.
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1.  are you doing any page break.... if yes check the page break options.
2. are you getting empty pages in begining or ending

please explain the above
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Basically, I am rendering SSRS report in SharePoint.
When I render the report in Sharepoint , The first page will show 50 rows but when I will take a print out, it will have only 42 rows on first page and the rest move to next page.
Couple of things  you can look at:

1. Make sure that page  Break Before is not set on any object in the report  body that might be causing this issue. This can create an extra page to appear if it is on the first object.

2. Make sure the header, footer  and body  with margins all fit within the printable body. IE, everything added up fits within 8.5in by 11in if on standard paper.

3. Are there hidden objects that may be moving items down from the first page?
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no blank pages in between
The only possible things could be a table  object or any other object on one report  that had the Page Break Before set.

But again its strange you have no blank pages. Try to decrease the report width that might help too as the rendering on report will result in more pages depending upon width. So decreasing width might fix the issue