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Connect T3/E3 BNC COax to 3900 Router

I need to connect a coaxial cable from our ISP hardware to our 3900 Cisco Router. It's a T3/E3 connection. On the ISP hardware there is an IN/OUT and on the module in the back of the router there is an RX and TX. There are 2 connectors at each end.  Which connection configuration is the correct one?
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CCIDover, Should be BNC connections, unless the line card or your ISP uses SMB, which isn't used much.

I would grab one from cables and kits:
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I guess I forgot to mention the ends are BNC. There are just 2 connectors on each end.

On the network ISP hardware there 2 plugs in/out and on the module for the router there are two plugs RX/TX.

Im just not sure if In goes on RX or TX.
My post above still is correct then. That cable is what you need.

From the ISP, they should have TX/RX ports. If not just try it, if you have no connection, then flip them. They only work one way.
Well yes you stated correctly what I needed which  was that cable I already had.

I'm trying to get it right the first time without having to flip. I might not be here when the Network engineer attempts to connect to it and configure the hardware.

If I wanted to "guess" I wouldn't have submitted this question?
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