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Using odbc32.dll in VB6 on Windows 7

Hello Experts,
I have written an application in VB6 that was running fine on XP.
We are now migrating to Windows 7.
My declare function statements require using odbc32.dll. What I'm wondering is could my application be looking at the odbc32 located in the Windows\System32 subdirectory instead of the WindowsysWOW64 subdirectory? I have tried chaning the path to put the WOW64 path before the System32 subdirectory. But have not had any success. How can I determine if it is looking at the proper odbc32 or not?
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Brook Braswell
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To my knowledge, the application uses the ODBC that the operating system is set up for...
In other words, I do not believe you can tell VB6 to look at the 32 bit versus the 64 bit ODBC.  You need to simply make sure that the 64 bit is pointing to the correct database when running on the Windows 7 computer.
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When I go to the Administrator Tools ODBC Data Source (AboutTab), it shows it is pointing to the Windows\system32 directory. But I don't know how to change where it points to, or if this is the correct location you are suggesting.  If it is done within the VB development I would appreciate some assistance on how to change it as well.  thanks,
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