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Time Machine hangs up on initial back up with external hd

Hello all,
I am trying to help a client here to do an intial back up with her Time Machine and external HD but it kept on hung up every time.
Here's the picture:
She have iMac 21.5" with Snow Leopard OS (10.6.8) connected to  2TB Seagate external hd for Time Machine use only.
I formatted the seagate external HD to Mac Journaled format and everything looks good. The Time Machine starts to back up for very first time and it got stuck in the middle of back up. I formatted the external HD again and tried to do intial back up again and it got stuck again on 111.17 GB out of 278.8 GB for a over 2 hours. It hasn't moved.
I downloaded "Time Machine buddy" widget and it shows:
Starting standard backup
Backing up to: /Volumes/Time Machine/Backups.backupdb
Ownership is disabled on the backup destination volume.  Enabling.
Error parsing SystemMigration.log to determine source volume of system migration.
Backup content size: 278.8 GB excluded items size: 3.0 GB for volume mac_HD
No pre-backup thinning needed: 330.92 GB requested (including padding), 1.82 TB available
Waiting for index to be ready (101)
Copied 74.4 GB of 275.8 GB, 225989 of 1215218 items
I've tried the troubleshooting with this link and it doesn't work:
Hope this issue can be resolved soon!
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reformat the drive.

have you excluded system folders off it.
did you do case sensitive or insensitive ?
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I would recommend using Carbon Copy Cloner.  It doesn't have the convenience of scheduled backup, but other than that it works great.  Creates a mirrored copy of your HDD that you can boot off of if need be.
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