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Newer 2010 Exchanger server with an OWA redirect.  When trying to access OWA with http://mail.xxxx.com or https://mail.xxxx.com I instantly get an: 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.  Using https://mail.xxxx.com/owa still works.
I've done 2010 Exchange installs before with OWA redirection successfully in the past.  I've researched this error to no avail.  Please assist, thanks in advance.
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See if you can find for us the 401 response in your IIS log file.  It will help a lot.


Thank you for your resonse, are you looking for this?
2012-06-07 16:02:39 GET / - 443 - xx.xxx.xx.xxx Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+MSIE+9.0;+Windows+NT+6.1;+Trident/5.0) 401 3 5 62
Yes.  The 3 after the 401 is the subcode, so the complete response status is 401.3 .  That means that access is denied due to the ACL (i.e. NTFS permissions) on a file on the server somewhere.  It's hard to be sure which it will be, but I guess the first thing would be to look at the NTFS permissions for the
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\Owa
folder on the server.  What do you have listed?  Is there any group that has any of the Deny checkboxes checked?
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Authenticated users: Read (not inherited)
System:  Full control
Administrators:  Full control

Also, I don't even get to a point to enter my username\password when trying to access the site when using the http://mail.xxxx.com or https://mail.xxxx.com  Forgot to mention that in the beginning.
Then it could be something like the folder containing the logon form:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\Owa\auth
or the logon form itself within that folder: logon.aspx  .  Check the NTFS permissions on the file and the folder.  They should be similar to what you found before.


Same permissions as above.

Do you think it is a file permission issue eventhough I no issues accessing and logging into OWA using the full https://mail.xxxx.com/owa address?
Ah, I forgot that.  If you created a script file to do the redirection I would check the NTFS permissions on that.
The redirection is done in IIS under the HTTP Redirect.

I did however find the solution to my problem, it was NTFS permissions on the C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.  One of our engineers was apparently making changes on that folder.  The users group was removed.  When I added them back with Read permissions, everything works fine.

Looks like IIS puts the redirection in the web.config file under that directory.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
Ah, right.  It had to be NTFS permissions somewhere, but I didn't imagine the wwwroot ones would have been changed.


Awarded points to LeeDerbyshire for suggesting NTFS permissions were the problem.

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