VM SQL Cluster Heartbeat how to?

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Can someone in detail explain how to do a Server 2008 R2 heartbeat for a Cluster in VMware?
It is a 2 node setup and on different hosts.

I already have 2 nics on each VM, Production and Heartbeat labeled.
I moved the prod above heartbeat in the adapters and bindings.

do we need a private Vswitch or vlan between the 2 nodes? can we add more heart beats on the same vlan? i don't know much about networking.
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You could usel a VLAN between both Hosts, you could use a private vSwitch if both nodes were on the same host!

As long as the network you use, is private, and the only traffic is the communications between the Cluster Nodes.

VLAN can be ideal, but not necessary, you could just use the same network, but different special IP address range 192.168.x.x etc

But you have two different hosts.

(a crossover cable also works between two hosts and private vSwitch!)

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Hanccoka..you seriously know too much

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