formatting data in detailsview

I have a detailsview control with itemtemplate, edittemplate, and inserttemplate.  One of the fields is a phone number that I would like to format to (xxx) xxx-xxxx.  How can I do this in the template fields for edit, insert, and readonly?
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Did you try using String.Format?
You can do it in several ways:

1: Handle the DataBound event format your data in there

2: You can call a function and pass the value to it and format it the way you want
string FormattedPhone(object phone){
//format the phone as you like here and then return.

 <asp:TextBox ID="txtPhone" runat="server" Text='<%# FormattedPhone(Eval('Phone')) %>'></asp:TextBox >

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dhenderson12Author Commented:
I should have been more clear.  I'm looking to do a "masked edit" sort of thing, so not only does it display, but the mask is intact during edit and/or insert, and the user types into the masked field.
You might want to check into jquery plugins. Sample
dhenderson12Author Commented:
the problem is that the field, when updated, adds the mask to the database.  How would I "unmask" the data?
Can you explain more on "adds the mask to the database.  How would I "unmask" the data? "?

If I am understanding it correct then you can write a custom function and pass it the masked data, and strip the unwanted symbols before saving it.

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dhenderson12Author Commented:
yeah, I was being dumb.  use the jquery to provide a masked input and do the formatting in code-behind for display purposes.  

when  updating the data, the phone number (or other masked input field) has to be un-masked prior to saving it to the database.
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