Windows 7 backup utility-Can't restore backup files to different workstation

I am using the Windows 7 Professional backup utility to backup files on my C drive to a USB drive.  

I attempted to do a test restore of those files from another workstation and the backup utility was not able to see the files.  I used another workstation to simulate my machine crashing.

On the other workstation, when I chose “select another backup to restore files from”  and I browse to the location of the backup files, I get “Windows was not able to find any backup sets on \\servername\my-location-whatever”

See atatchment for screen shots.

Also, if I copy the files from the USB drive and save them to a network drive, I can’t restore them from the other workstation either.  Same errors as above.

 It seems that in Windows 7, you can only restore backups that were done by that workstation, other workstations can’t see the backup files.

 My questions is, if my machine crashes and I need to restore the files I backed up to the USB drive to a new or replacement machine, how can I do it?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
you need the mediaid.bin from the root

If the configuration or Operating system is different then , it gives the problem.
Because every computer has different configuration & did you took the backup through
windows 7 nt backup utility. This is the main thing.

Make a folder on same laptop & restore backup into that new folder & then copy to your server.

cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
I am not folowing you.

Both machines are Windows 7.  The backup runs to a usb drive.  I copied the backup file to a network location.  I tried to restore from that backup file to a different machine.  it did not see the files.

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Please see my video on Youtube "When Windows Backup Restore Won't"

BTW you were trying a file restore not a bare metal image restore

for a file restore use the root folder and it will find it. As shown in
this video
cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
Let me try to explain this more clearly.

1) I have a Windows 7 laptop that I am backing up files on the C drive with Windows 7 backup utility.  We will call it laptop #1

2) The files are being backed up to a USB drive.
3)  When the backup completes, I copy the backup files from the USB drive to a network folder for redundancy.

4) I take laptop #2 (a Windows 7 machine) and try to restore the files using the copy from the network.  I am trying to simulate laptop #1 being unavailable.

5) On laptop #2, I open the backup utility and I choose "select another backup to restore files from"

6) I choose "browse network location"

7) The utility sees the backup folder on the network

8) I click on "OK" and get an error that says:

 " Windows was not able to find any backup sets on \\file-server-shared-drive\folder containing backup files\backup set 2012 06 13 100701
Please select a different location.

I have checked the rights to the fodler and the backup files. No issue there.

If laptop #1 crashes and I replace it with laptop #2, it does me no good to have a backup that I can't restore from.  

Any help with this issue is appreciated. Thanks

cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
I tried that.  It did not find any backups.  Same error.


cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
any more suggestions on this issue?
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