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XP drive with Symantec Endpoint Encryption will not boot.

We have a user's laptop that will not boot. For some reason XP say's files are missing. Is there a way to recover this drive even though its encrypted with Symantec Endpoint Encryption?
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Where do I download the recovery disk? I do not think we have one.
What about the possibility to attach the drive to a second computer? You did not comment on it. Sorry, I don't know your product. What does your manual say?
I did that... it did not work. The system tells me the drive needs to be formatted. Symantec Endpoint encryption is the product we use. In the past we used PGP and I was able to recover drives connecting to another machine as long as the system I am connecting to has the same version.
OK, we use PGP WDE 10 ourselves which now belongs to Symantec.
But it should work, shouldn't it? What does the manual says about mounting external encrypted drives? This is described for sure and should be similar to the process you have gone through with PGP.

Anyway: I once had a non-booting drive that I was unable to unlock when connected to a second computer. As I was only interested in partition d: (data partition) PGP support told me, to wipe the partition c: using a program like wipedisk and then retry. I succeeded.
The reason was that there might be corrupt information about the encryption on one partition (for me: c:) and on the other parttition (for me d:) it was intact. So wiping d: forced the software to look at the encryption "metadata" stored on d: and it worked.
-hope, this helps you understand somehow.

If I were you, I would phone symantec support.