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ms access 2000 Form

We have an ms access application with some drop down list in the form. Everyone in the department is connecting to the same ms access file which is located in the server.  When i execute the form in windows xp the drop down list works,  but when i try it with users using windows 7, the drop list does not display any entries.
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A couple of questions:

Are you using VBA to populate your drop-down list?

Is your front-end (User Interface) being run by users with Access 2000 or are they running more recent versions?

-  Ensure that you have the needed permissions on the folders where the Front end resides and also where the back-end resides.  You will need read,write, execute and delete permissions on those folders.

-  If your users are running Access 2007 or 2010, be sure to enable macros/vba or use the trust center within Access to 'trust' the folder your database resides in.
I think also we need you to confirm that you are running a split application .
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We are running a front end with a back end.  Some users are using windows xp and the 2 users with the problem are running windows 7. These machines were upgraded recently from xp to windows 7. When they were using xp it was working. Everyone was using ms access 2000. I need to see if these 2 users are using now  ms 2000 or ms 2003. Some changes wre made to the application and compile under xp machines ms access 2000.
This rings a bell; I had this happen once and ultimately it turned out to be some type of security/permission issue.  I can't remember exactly what the problem was though.

I'll dig through some things here and see if I can't remember.  

In the meantime, as a quick test, login to the Windows seven machine as an admin, and if you have UAC turned on, setup a shortcut for the app and right click on it and make sure you select "Run as Admin".

 Then try the app.  If you get the list box, it's defintely security/permissions related.

According to MS support,
 Access 2000 is not compatible with Windows 7 - (It KINDA works....) you would most likely need to run it under windows XP mode (a VM)
One thing I've seen a few members run into here is that permissions on the C:\ folder (and sub folders) where their databases reside are different under Windows 7 than they were under XP.  I'm not an OS type, so I'm not sure if those are default permissions that have changed between the operating systems, or whether they were permissions on Window 7 computers that just hadn't been set up in the same way as they were on the XP machines.
OK  I tracked down the problem from the past; it was a list box that would not populate because of a broken reference.  The reference could not be registered because of security (it was an external DLL) and as a result, the references were broken in the app and the list box would not populate.

So open the app on the Win 7 machine, open a module in design view.  Do a compile and see if you get any errors.  If you do, look at the references and see if any are listed as MISSING or BROKEN.

 If you don't get any compile errors, or no references show problems, then do the following:

1. Check any un-checked reference (doesn't matter which).
2. Close the DB and Access.
3. Re-open and uncheck the reference checked in step 1 (should be the last reference listed)
4. Compile.  You should have no errors.

 Now try the form.

 and BTW, it's news to me that Access 2000 won't work under Windows 7<g> and that's hog wash; there are thousands (if not hundreds of thousands or even millions) of Access 2000/2003 apps running under Windows 7.

  There are some issues running under task scheduler under server OS's, but nothing that can't be handled and that's the only compatibility issue that I'm aware of.

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i have another problem now. When i try to open the reference tab i get prompted for a password which i don't nkow what it is. This was probably set by whoever used to support this application and he is not longer here.
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