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I am developing .net apps using  I would like to explore options for replacing popup windows (which users can disable) with modal windows of some kind.  There are going to be endless amounts of code for this by now, so I just want some help weeding through them.  My first use of this technique (and typical of what I want to do) is:  The user will be looking at a calendar.  When he/she clicks a date I want a modal window to display the events associated with that day and have options for adding and deleting events.  If events are changed in any way, closing the modal window will refresh the underlying calendar view.  

 In a perfect world, what I would like to find is:

Reliable well-proven methods that will work in IE firefox, safari and chrome
Example code written in
Example code that is well documented
Example code designed to help me learn modal windows… not to be copied and used with references

Can anyone point me to a really good match?  I know that there will be TONS of examples out
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I really like this JQuery plugin
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Thank you!  However, I am really looking for something that shows me more than just a partial code snippet.  I need to know how to take an existing page written in and add a modal window to it.  So ideally, there would be some instructions on how to (for example):

take an existing page that only shows the value of a text string.  Add a modal window that prompts for a new string value and has an ok and cancel button.  If the cancel button is pressed, the modal window is deactivated.  If the ok button is pressed, the string value on the underlying document is updated and the model window deactivates, showing the new string value.
<script type="text/javascript">
var answer = prompt ("What is your name?"," santaspores1");
document.getElementById('nameDiv').InnerText='Hello ' + answer

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Thanks!  This relies on a packaged dll... so I have not learned how to code this for myself... but it is easy enough to implement.