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iMAC only starts in Safe Boot

     I have a iMAC PowerPC running Mac OS 10.4, that has recently began giv ing problems starting up. Many times,  the video on startup is noisy or static filled. Upon several restarts, I can get a good video, but then it stalls on the blue screen with the mouse cursor, but before the dialogue box "Starting MAC OS". No such problems if started in "safe boot". I also noticed that the airport card is now missing in the network section of system preference. I am now using the ethernet connection and it works fine. I have tried starting services from utilites folder,  but nothing happens. I tried re-installing the OS, but that didn't help. I even tried reset the PRAM. So what's left and what is the problem,  a bad logic board?? If so, is this worth fixing?
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What happens when you run Verify Disk in disk utility? Does it show errors?

Also, in disk utility, at the bottom left, what is the SMART test result?
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The disk verifies as OK and the smart test result is OK also. That's to be expected because I replaced the hard drive on this machine about 18 months ago, so it's newer than the rest of the machine.
You can try going into the Users and Groups preference panel and removing the log in items to see if that resolves the matter. It might since it seems to work in safe mode. Note that unchecking the items does not stop them from loading - it only forces them to load in the background. To prevent them from loading, you need to highlight them and click the - (minus) button at the bottom left.

See attached screenshot.
I agree with chubby_informer , you need to put a a new iMac on your Christmas list.
Damn! this is the second Mac that has gone south. My PC's keep on going. I wonder if Steve Jobs, by trying to be cute and clever, designed in enough trapped heat to destroy the commponents. (I've had clients with PC all-in ones with the same problem) Anyway, thanks for the help guys, I did get another iMAC to replace this one.