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asked on help (pt4)

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Now that I have this page setup, I want to make a few modifications/enhancements.
This is a support coverage listing page and I want to enable the manager to make changes to the schedule.

Thus, I first need some method of identifying the specific user account.
If the user is the manager, I want to allow for editing of the records.  I don't think doing so from the calendar control would prove ideal, but it may.  So, if I need to display an alternate control/form, I'm open to that idea.
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If I understand your question, I would think that you could have a link in the cell that would go to another page that would let you edit the details for that cell.
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The database only lists the 'start' date - which falls on a Wednesday.  
Would I just display a gridview of all Wednesdays for the year?  Or would you think another control would be better?
I can't quite see the requirements for your UI changes, and what it means to have a manager edit the schedule.  What kind of changes are you talking about?
I envisioned some sort of variable to identify the 'current user' displaying the page.
Once that's established, I could ensure that the user is the manager, then display whatever mechanism that could allow them to edit the schedule.  Obviously that's just some sql modifications to the database, but I do want to limit the editing to one account only.

I have used the following on some form projects - is there an equivalent for web apps?

  If Not My.User.IsInRole("xxxxxx") Then
    TerminateApp(My.User.Name & "is not authorized to use this application.")
  End If
ASP.NET has role management, that is a pretty big topic to discuss.

Understanding Role Management

I imagine that you are using Windows authentication with what I see as an Intranet web site.  You can use the HttpContext.Current.User to query the user identity, and to check the role (User.IsInRole).
Ok, that's perfect.
So, if that account comes into the page, I imagine maybe an 'edit' button - once clicked/pressed, the form would present some way of altering the data.  A list of some sort could work.  But would I simply hide the calendar control and display something in its place, or is it preferred to direct to a brand new page?  (I realize it's more of a personal preference, so I'm just looking for ideas)
Did we ever talk about wireframes, and Balsamiq?

Balsamiq Web Mockup Web Demo

This would be a great time to mock up a wireframe of what you are looking to achieve.
We never did, not that I recall.  I'll give it a look-see.

As forf the HttpContext.Current.User, I'm afraid it's doing the same thing published on the server as it did in my dev environment - displaying nothing.
Seems that value is blank. :(
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Ok, changing the authentication mode gives me the domain account.