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Windows 7 Boot Error Message

My windows 7 computer used to have two hard drives.  I removed the secondary hard drive.  Now when i reboot my computer i receive an error message during boot that states a hard drive is missing and to hit F1 to continue.  When i hit F1 the system loads and windows works just fine.

I have no intentions of re-adding a second hard drive to computer.  Is there a way to disable the error message that i receive during boot?
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Yes you can go into the BIOS and disable the second hdd channel then this warning will stop. If you need info for how to do it please give me your pc's brand and model.
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Dell Optiplex 755
u need to take off or disable the SATA port to which the HDD was connected to.

SATA 0, 1, 2, 3 etc etc

ensure that you disable the correct one; as you dont want to disable your boot device or CDrom
You just have to go to BIOS (normally pressing Del, Esc, F1,F2 or F10 key, depending on the brand of your PC), than, locate the Secondary Disc you removed and re-detect it (normally by pressing Enter on it) than it will disappear. Exit saving settings and that's all.
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It's F2 :)
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