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Automated failover in AWS

Hi want to do automated failover in AWS ec2 in different zones and over differnt region.
Is AWS failover over different region possible in AWS, if not can any other free tool help me.

I have assigned Elstatic iP to all apache EC2 instance.

1. Scenario 1:
Primary set in zone 1 with 2 ec2 with elastics ip each with apache tomcats

Secondary set in zone 2 with 1 ec2 with both apache tomcat in same ec2

How to automate the failover... Please provided detailed steps

2. Scenario 2:
Primary set in Region 1 with 2 ec2 with elastics ip each with apache tomcats

Secondary set in Region 2 with 1 ec2 with both apache tomcat in same ec2

How automate the failover... Please provided detailed steps
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load balancer is charged. I read something about health check or heartbeat and switching elastic ips
but can't get details steps to follow.
Kindly provide steps to get things working
I pointed you at the right path in my previous post.
To achieve enlightment you will have to walk the path yourself, or at least get a consultant to help you with it :)

as I wrote above, this is how to enable multi AZ load balancing.

Alternatively, companies like Ylastic, Scalr and RightScale have both the knowledge and the capability to help you with the actual configuration, both for multi-AZ and for multi region deployments. The blueprint of multi-region HA deployment will be similar to what I wrote.
I am not looking in-box multi AZ provided amazon. I have approached RightScal. Can suggest some online repository or community where  I can find like minded tech savvy people who can help me on this. Even book reference will do.

There are vendor specific communities, like the AWS forums.

EE is a good community, and so are others.
there is not much in aws forums.

I don't know what your expectations are but maybe they are a bit unrealistic.
No forum and no book are going to hand you a full detailed solution for your exact problem, especially as it is a very general problem.

If you are looking for detailed howto's and explanations that fit your exact needs, maybe you should start implementing first, even if the reference architecture is not exactly similar to yours, and ask specific question after you have gained some experience.

EE, competing sites and vendor forums are places where you can get general answers to general questions, or specific answers for specific questions.

I have started, I need experts advice so came here, to my disappointment I didn't find any. My implementation is crude. Yes for every work I can hire someone. Then what will i gain as developer.
Clound is happening , I think we should have the expertise in EE[people who can help].
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

did not get any proper answer
I believe an answer was provided, although not satisfying the asker
if answered is not satisfying its of no use.
I disagree because, what shanon gave was already in AWS documentation, thats the out of box failover like multi A-z extra. That doesn't suite my need. I came EE for more advanced guidance. I have metioned this in my previous comments. What i was looking for, didn't get.

But I can give some points for the effort not the answer.