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Need Wireless AP suggestion for isolated guest access

We are using a SONICWall device on our network as the router/DHCP server. I am looking for a single device that will allow two separate wireless networks with the following requirements:

Wireless Net 1 must have full access to existing wired network, receiving DHCP from our SONICWall.

Wireless Net 2 must have Internet access only with no access to existing wired network, receiving DHCP from wireless access point.

Can anyone point me toward a device capable of this? I am not interested in hacking something to put DDWRT on it, also we do not have VLAN capable switches so anything related to VLAN tagging SSIDs is out. Looking for an off the shelf solution that is fairly robust for business class performance.
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Please forget this scenario, If you need performance I advise to use HP or Rockus AP in standalone mode.

You need to connect directly to sonicwall the AP, and use VLANs to separate the trafic from individual SSIDs
Simple answer is vlans or if you get the sonic point access point, your sonicwall can natively use the sonicpoint and create a guest and corporate network
Here is the info on the sonicpoints
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I wound up setting up DD-WRT on a WRT54G and setting up everything I needed through that. Wasn't the easiest setup but does appear to be working correctly.
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Didn't try any other solutions
I posted what I believe is the BEST solution for securing a guest and corp wireless network for the author's Sonicwall.

Any reason that he/she does not want the try and investigate it?

Umm...didn't have $500 to spend on that solution. Perhaps I should have stated cost was a factor.
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