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Difference Between Oracle UCM 10gR3 and Weblogic 10gR3

Can some one please explain the difference between Oracle UCM and Weblogic??

I have to install Weblogic for the first time and i was giving the UCM install to instal it from. I have no idea how to install weblogic from here..
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Oracle UCM is installed on Oracle Weblogic. Accroding to documentation You should first install weblogic using Oracle Fusion Middleware installer which contains Weblogic server.
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I'm still a bit confused..

Do you are with the install process in this video??

So Weblogic is not apart of UCM???
In easy terms, what is UCM????
Oracle® Univeral Content Management (Oracle UCM) provides a unified application for several different kinds of content management.
On the youtube link which you provided weblogic installation was done using separate installer. On the 9:35 minute of youtube video you see that DVD which guy were using contains separate installer directories UCS and wL.
I think I'm just not getting the purpose of UCM. SO Weblogic is not part of UCM? Can you run weblogic with out UCM
yes, of course you can run weblogic without UCM. Actually weblogic is an J2EE application server and UCM is an application developed by Oracle to run on top of weblogic server.
If you are looking only to the weblogic server better download it from Oracle site:
Thanks for the help... I'm still having a hard time understanding what UCM is though?

What purpose does UCM server?
ALso if I'm reading your post correct you weblogic is required to be installed before UCM is installed and Weblogic is not apart of the UCM install correct
the only place to which I can point you for Oracle UCM is the official site for that product

Indeed you get it right that weblogic should be installed separately before UCM installation and is not part of UCM.
One last question.. After you install WEblogic you have to setup a new WebLogic domain. This has nothing to do with out WIndwos Active Directory domain but more of a software administration domain for weblogic correct
weblogic domain is a concept of weblogic server. It does not have any interference with windows domain.
Is it better to use Sun JDK or JRockit with Weblogic?
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