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howto reference a file from a URL

I want a user to be able to load a file directly from his own drives. I have a button as follows:

<button type=button onclick="location='X:/Archives/Pension Files/SMITH, PATRICK T.pdf'">Click me</button>

Clicking this button gives me a javascript error: Access denied.

I've tried various variations on this theme:

<button type=button onclick="location='FILE:///X:/Archives/Pension Files/SMITH, PATRICK T.pdf'">Click me</button>

<button type=button onclick="location='FILE:///X|/Archives/Pension Files/SMITH, PATRICK T.pdf'">Click me</button>


<button type=button onclick="'X:/Archives/Pension Files/SMITH, PATRICK T.pdf','_BLANK','')">Click me</button>

All give me the same error. This user can open this file using Windows explorer, so I don't think it is a "real" permission issue.

The test html is running under tomcat.

What is my problem?
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Dave Baldwin
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Wowser! I didn't know all that. the HTA solution looks interesting, but non-trivial. Plus there's that limitation to using IE. I decided to take a different route.

My desired target folder is on a Network Accessible Storage drive already samba mounted on the Linux webserver. So, I just created a symbolic link from my tomcat folder "documents" to the samba folder and I'm done! Script that works:

<button type=button onclick="'documents/Pension Files/SMITH, PATRICK T.pdf','_BLANK','')">Click me</button>
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Thanks for the help -- and the insight! I'd have never figured that out on my own.
You're welcome, glad to help.  I'm making a note about the symbolic link too.  Hadn't thought of that.