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Mitel Option 125

My School system is installing  a system wide Mitel Phone System. I need to install option 125 in our DHCP scope for the Mitel Phones system. I know how to create Option125, but cannot input Mitel information correctly.
How do I input the Mitel information into dhcp option 125 on a Windows 2008R2 server?
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I was hoping for a better solution. I am using Windows 2008R2 servers and you cannot copy and past the Hex config after creating it using the Mitel dhcp config tool. You have to enter the hex config manually. Options 125 works when done this way, just take a lot of time.

I am not using Mitel server dhcp for phones, because we already have a vlan and dhcp scope for 3com phone system we are replacing.
Option 125 for Mitel works just fine with windows server 2008.  There is a bit of a process to get it working but is well documented.

I've attached the document that is needed to configure your server.  You will need Mitel's DHCP Config Helper tool as well.  This can be gotten from your Mitel dealer.

Also other options (128-132) may be needed if you end up getting an older phone that does not understand option 125.
I know this is a couple years late, but I was looking for a way to copy the existing Option 125 from the old DHCP server to another. After reading up on the DHCP helper and trying to work with netsh across domains, I just eyeballed the code and manually typed it. This process took me less than two minutes and I verified it was right because the ASCII filled in the same exact data I had in the other server. Sometimes manual entry is faster than trying to mess with command lines and software, etc.