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Lotus Notes Traveler problem.

We have trouble last week with our domino server then we realize the port 443 and 80 has been use by other services,so we change the port to 9443 and 8088 ,we already test there is no problem for the iNotes and Lotus Notes Client user.But for the lotus notes traveler ,my customer complaint said android having problem,please read my customer feed back,now i struggle how to answer my customer also ,because the port issue is happen my friend help them implement the iNotes.Now i need to clear his job and get customer complain ,here i know sure have people experiences what i facing also ,hope can advice me how to answer the customer and also help me how to resolve the issue

Customer Feed back.
I have already uninstall the Notes Traveler Installer on my phone but the look up, mail and notes traveler still appear on my phone except the Notes traveler installer.
When i log in to, i can go to the page and i selected the Android download, but every time the download is unsuccessful.
If i go to notes traveler on my phone, the setting show as per below:
Use secure protocol
servlet path: servlet/traveler
It is not necessary to open additional port if we are using 443 (https), why is it the previous setting  we are using the unsure port 80.
For iPhone user there is no issue, but for Android please advise.
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What do you mean by "port 443 and 80 has been use by other services"? What other services? And why is that a problem?

Domino will be secure if you redirect HTTP to HTTPS on Domino, and setup a firewall to prevent DoS attacks. Using nonstandard ports is not necessary.
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But also if you WANT to it works.... I know as I run Traveler on one server on a non-standard port and have used this with Nokia S60, Windows mobile, and Android devices (tablets, Motorola phone etc.).  When you connect from device http://whatever:xxxx/servlet/traveler.

Then when you config. client it should have in whatever, port xxxx.  Now it MAY not have the box ticked saying "secure", or it may not have port that non standard port into the http/https boxes.  Mine didn't have secure ticked on one install for instance.

Also the download for Android tends to just sit there but is actually downloading in background into downloads area as normal stuff does.

By the way, if your customer uninstalls or deletes the traveler installer, then only the installer is gone. If he wants to uninstall the traveler client, he has to follow:
I ran into problems in the past using the native browser on android to download the traveler APK, firefox or chrome (or any of your preference) on the mobile device did the trick. On the native Browser I always got "Download unsuccessful"
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Steve Knight
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