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Exchange 2010 Backup

Hi guys. I just introduced Exchange 2010 into my existing Exchange 2003 organization. As I am finishing little odds and ends, I had a question about backing the DB's up before I start moving mailboxes to it.

I had always relied on Windows Backup under Exchange 2003 to backup my databases and it served me well for what it was. Now that Windows Backup has a plug-in for Exchange 2010, I had planned on continuing to use this tool.

Is there is a way to simply backup the information store like in the old version? All the documentation I've read suggests that I have to do a full backup of the entire volume rather than only getting the databases. To me, this is a big waste of space.

Should I just consider getting the Exchange Plug-in for my arcserve solution instead?
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Brad Bouchard

Try AppAssure - it's amazing.
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I guess I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. My Exchange environment is super small, I only have about 40 mailboxes, with a 20GB DB.

The previous version of Windows Backup did everything I needed it to do, but I don't really understand the new version since if I have to backup the whole volume to get Exchange, my backup size is going to increase 3 fold.
If you have to, then that is why I would recommend AppAssure as it backs up whole volumes too, and is Exchange aware so it truncates logs and performs integrity checks.  If you can continue with Windows Backup then I would defintely do that as it seems to fit you perfect.  I think the thing to do would be to create a test environment where you can mirror what you have now and try using the Backup and see exactly how it works.
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Sorry for the delay. Thank you, I didn't read carefully enough about the new R2 ability to do certain folders and files.

In my case I have my Logs in the stock location on the C:\ and the Databases on a different RAID array on the D:\

I would assume that I would simply include both folders in the backup?
That's correct.