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Fedora Core 6 (Zod) - Drives full, need help removing "temp" files

Hi Experts!

I'm helping a customer with a Linux server and everything's working, but mysql won't start.  Checking the logs, I was able to determing that mysql didn't have space to create a file.  Running "df -h" I was able to determine that the drive is at 100% usage.  I just need to get the customer up and running until the support company for the software can help them further on Monday.  What I want to do is delete files to free up space.  If this were windows, I would just dump %temp% and the recycle bin, etc.

I DO NOT have access to a GUI on this system, but I do have access to the root account and the CLI.  

Please help me clear up some space on this drive.  I am a total linux newb and you will need to tell me EXACTLY what commands to type in and how to format them.

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You could also see if there is any available space on the drive that hasn't been partitioned yet.  Check size of partitions with
df -h

Open in new window

Then check total disk size with
fdisk -l

Open in new window

There's a chance you have some free space on that disk that you could extend an existing partition/logical volume in to.
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