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How can we automate our daily access of our website's daily report

We have a user that everyday has to log to our website and export a specific list.

We would like to know the viability to automate the process of directly accessing the specific web folder, supply the login info and download the CSV file.

Can this be done? Also what should we consider in using for developing?

(Moderator, please reassign question to proper zone if not correctly placed)
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Can you provide an URL?
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we tried but wasn't authorized.

The first screen has a Login and Password.  The page is joomla and the list page is plain html and php.  The access is via SSL i think and the username is given access via joomla admin page.  Any other question give you more info?  (sorry about not providing the actual link, we know it would greatly help)
I've found a joomla test page (Login and Password: demo/demo)

Can you provide the source of your login page if the demo15-page is not the page you need help for?
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That is almost the page (our doesn't have the language field).  

The user enters the username and password, then goto couple of clicks to the list page then download the csv.  

We would like somehow, maybe by VB or some other development tool, develop a button on the desktop that when click, it would do all thos process and save the CSV on desktop.
The snippet below is from the demo page. Is it identical to the page you want to login? If not please post the source.

<p id="form-login-username">
<label for="modlgn_username">Username</label>
<input name="username" id="modlgn_username" type="text" class="inputbox" size="15" />

<p id="form-login-password">
<label for="modlgn_passwd">Password</label>
<input name="passwd" id="modlgn_passwd" type="password" class="inputbox" size="15" />
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Did you try my sample ?
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Yes.  But the main screen displays as if no web site found.
To get my sample ( to work you have to modify the username and password!
Please try my sample again with the


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Sorry for the delay.    It worked!!!
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Hi  vb_elmar, it worked!

However, we made a mistake, we told you that the source for the login page was similar of the demo, but is not.  It is a framework.  We are getting the code so we can give it to you for your review.
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Ok, got the code for the frame page at the logon.  It's as follow:




<meta http-equiv="Content-Type"

content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<meta http-equiv="PRAGMA" content="NO-CACHE">

<meta name="KEYWORDS"

content="sample; sample; sample">

<meta name="DESCRIPTION"

content="sample link">

<title>sample link</title>

<Script Language="JavaScript">

	function limited(days) {  

		var timein = new Date();                          

		var msEnXdays = eval(days) * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000; 

		timein.setTime(timein.getTime() + msEnXdays);     

		return (timein.toGMTString());  


	var search =;

	var parametros =";");

	var bandera = parametros[0].substring(1, parametros[0].length);

	var indexOf = document.cookie.indexOf("imflat=1");

	var flat = document.cookie.substring(indexOf-1, indexOf+8);


		|| (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/ipod/i))

		|| ((navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/android/i)) && (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/mobile/i)))

		|| (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/blackberry/i))) 

		&& (bandera != "imstr=1")

		&& (flat != "imflat=1")) {


	} else if (((navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/iphone/i)) 

		|| (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/ipod/i))

		|| ((navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/android/i)) && (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/mobile/i)))		

		|| (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match(/blackberry/i))) 

		&& bandera == "imstr=1") {

			var newURL = window.location.href.substring(0, (window.location.href.indexOf("?")-1)); 

			//document.cookie = "imflat=1; path=/; secure";

			document.cookie = "imflat=1;";

			window.location.href = newURL;

	} else {

		document.cookie = "imflat=1;expires=" + limited(-1) + ";" + ";";

		var flagConnec=0;

		var flagBiblio=0;

		var flagAmbiente=0;

		var flagContenido=0;

		var flagListas=0;

		var PERL_RUTE = '/perl/';

		var PLSQL_RUTE= '/website/website/';

		var JAVA_RUTE= '/Servlet/'; 

		//var PERL_RUTE = '/Perl_bsampleLAT/';

		//var PLSQL_RUTE= '/sampleSA/samplesa/';

		//var JAVA_RUTE= '/Servletsamplesa/'; 

		function setLoaded(){


				if ((flagAmbiente==1) &&(flagListas==1))







<frameset framespacing="0" border="false" frameborder="0" cols="800,0,0">

    <!--frame scrolling="no" noresize src="websitebg.html"-->

    <frame name="contenido" scrolling="auto" noresize src="genDoc2.html">

    <frame name="titular" scrolling="no" noresize src="gen-titul.html">

    <frame name="listas" scrolling="no" resize="no" src="ib-listas.html">


    <body bgcolor="#FF8000" text="#FFFFFF">

    <p align="center">&nbsp;</p>

    <p align="center"><font color="#000000" size="3"

    face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica"><strong>bsample sampleHSA</strong></font></p>

    <p align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF" size="3">sample


    <div align="center"><center><table border="0" cellpadding="2"

    cellspacing="0" width="70%">


            <td align="middle" valign="top"><p align="center"><font

            size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">it

            recommended 3.0 o superior 


            Microsoft Internet Explorer o Netscape Navigator.</font></p>


            <td valign="top" height="70"><p align="center"><img


            alt="Internet Explorer" width="88" height="31"></p>










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