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Completely confused by memory options for dual LGA 2011 Xeon system

I've built (another) home server that is LGA 2011 based.  My motherboard is a Supermicro X9DRL-3F, dual processor board.  I've currently got one Xeon processor, E5-2620, and a 8x2x2 memory configuration.

I am getting ready to add the 2nd processor and another 32GB of memory.  However, Crucial (current memory) has many more options for memory than when I first built the machine.  So many so, that I am now wondering if my current memory is one of the sub-optimal choices.

Instead of trying to exactly match the next 32GB with what I have now, my question centers around going forward, even if I have to replace the current 32GB.  I intend to have 64GB of ECC registered memory.  Problem is, among the memory options, there is single/dual/quad ranks, x4 vs. x8 based, voltage options, etc.

I honestly don't understand the x4/x8 thing and can't admit that I totally understand the ranking.  However, I've read multiple "sources" that seem to imply to me that different platforms are more efficient with certain types of memory (ex: quad ranked is preferable in some situations, dual in others, etc).

Can anyone shed any light on the more preferred configuration for my system?  There are at least 12 different options just a Crucial that fit my system in a 8x2 configuration.  When spending this sort of $'s for home, I just don't want to buy $600+ worth of memory that is a suboptimal configuration if the same amount will buy a better config.

Not sure if I've given enough detail or not, but I'm just not a memory expert.

Thanks in advance.
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Did you look at the X8 configuration page at SuperMicro?
(use the Tested Memory link)
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Thanks for the suggestion.  Yes, I've been on that page and read all of the info there and my user's guide (and actually, mine is the X9 DP series, not the X8 series motherboard).  Only problem is that there are no real performance guidelines, and some of the documentation I don't understand.  

Yes they also give tested memory, but I don't interpret "tested" to necessarily mean "best" or even "better" performance.  The Crucial memory I currently have installed is working fine (CT2KIT102472BQ1339), but  I am getting ready to spend another $500-$600 on memory, 16GB of my 32GB that I have is still eligible for return, and I want to make sure that I select carefully so that in the end, my $1000-$1200 worth of memory is not sub-optimal.

Thanks again for the info.  I just don't have the enough knowledge of memory technology to understand it all and feel certain I'm selecting correctly.
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Thanks.  You provided exactly what I was looking for - some guidance that I either needed to abandon current setup or continue on.  Since it's a home server for simply learning/development, I don't anticipate going past 64GB - that's going to stretch my budget enough, especially once I throw another E5-2620 into the mix.

Thanks for the discussion on x4 and x8 also.  That makes sense to me now.

Once again - thanks.