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Outlook 2010 email delays

2 users complains that they don't receive emails between 9am- 10:30am. They have outlook 2010 and they mailboxes are created in exchange 2007 . Emails are received without any delays  on their mobile phones. please help as I have no idea what can cause the problem. I was thinking of recreating profiles or unchecking exchange cash mode and disable some add-ins in outlook
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Are they not gettin the messages at all in Outlook between that time or do they just come in later, but still retain the correct timestamp?

This only happens with 2 users. Are there other users on the network that do get email at the right time in Outlook on their computers?

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They get these emails but they come in later. The rest of the users get emails at the right time. I don't think there is a problem with the exchange otherwise everyone would experience the same issue.
Do the messages come through with the correct timestamp in Outlook on their computers or does it show a timestamp consistent with when they actually appear in the users' inboxes?

To be honest I didn't ask them this question so I won't be able to answer your question until Monday.

1. How can I resolve the issue if the messages came through with the correct
2. How can I resolve the issue if the messages came through with the timestamp they appeard in the user inbox ?
If the messages have the correct timestamp (meaning the sender sent the message at 9:15 am and the timestamp shows received in the recipients inbox at about 9:15 am as well even if the message doesn't appear until...11:15 am for example) then something is going on with Outlook. I would investigate what the state of Outlook is during the time window in questions, e.g. "Connected to Exchange", "Trying to connect...", "Disconnected", "Offline", etc.. Let me know what you find in terms of status because there might be several different things to check on.

If the messages are sent at 9:00 am by the sender and the timestamp on the message when the recipient receives it is a significant difference then it means the Exchange server never even received the message until that time. That would indicate that it's getting held up on the senders side or possibly getting detained by email filters. I would check that out.

The user confirmed that the the state of his outlook indicates that is connected to the exchange and the folder is up to date.
If the timestamp is still correct even though the message appears sometime after the time it should then it might be some corruption in his OST. You might create a new Outlook profile and let it cache to see if the problem persists.

Of course if the timestamp is incorrect when it finally appears refer to my previous comment.

Thank you I will try to create a new outlook profile
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The Ost file was corrupted but I run the OST repair tool and it seems to be repaired now.