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How do delete wall posts from Facebook using Facebook JavaScript API?

Hi, I am new to using the FaceBook JavaScript API and I am looking for a way to delete posts from the wall possibly by adding an onclick event to a button when an article is unpublished from the company CMS. I already have it setup to auto post to Facebook just looking to do some house keeping so that our company blogger can make the change in one place rather than having to login to Facebook as well.

Can anyone give me a point in the right direction, I have tried wading through the Facebook JavaScript SDK documentation with no real leads:
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Thank you, that is very helpful, I will look into it and update this question status shortly.  Might be a silly question, however, the API that thread refers to is facebook graph api for android. I am dealing with a Joomla CMS written in PHP, just wondering if it is applicable to my scenario?

Thanks for your time and input.