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BESadmin mailbox stuck in Exchange 2010 mailbox move queue


I am stuck with the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) administrator mailbox move (BESadmin). Mailbox needs to be moved from Exchange 2003 to Exchnage 2010 (SP2 RU3).

1. I log into EMC and perform a local move request
2. I select the BESadmin mailbox) and tell it to move to a DB on Exchange 2010
3. It fails with a permissions error
4. I go to the BESadmin AD account and tick the box for Inherit Permissions
5. I try the local move again and now the mailbox has queued for move
6. The mailbox is 99kb in size, however it stays stuck in queued state for hours
7. I stop the move, remove from queue etc. And try agai, just stays stuck for hours
8. I stop ALL BES services and try the ove again, still stays stuck in the queue for hours

I think I have tried the obvious fixes, but obviously am missing something. Moving other mailboxes works fine.

Any ideas?


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